Privacy Policy



In this privacy policy you will notice how we handle your (personal) data. Do you have any questions about the information in this statement? Please contact us.


This privacy policy applies to all web shop visits, transactions and agreements with De Koff B.V.

Company Details:

Name: De Koff B.V.
Address: Haarbos 16, 3953 HA Maarsbergen
Telephone: +31(0)332774747
Chamber of Commerce: 31034646

The webshop of De Koff B.V. ( processes private, sensitive data, or personal data. De Koff B.V. is responsible for the processing of these data and finds a careful and proper handling of personal data extremely significant. In our processing we adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). In this privacy policy we explain the type of personal data we collect. In addition, we will explain for what purpose we use this data.


What means personal data? Personal data is data that is related directly to a person or information that can be traced back to a person. Examples of personal data are name, address, place of residence, telephone number, zip code, house number, race, religion, health, etc.

In your webshop visit or cooperation with De Koff B.V. not all data is relevant. We would like to ask you to only provide personal data that you consider necessary for our cooperation.


De Koff B.V. collects personal data through in several ways:

  1. Through forms on the web shop
  2. Via Google Analytics
  3. Via the customer registration process

The De Koff B.V. webshop is provided with a contact form. In this form we ask you for personal data.

We ask for:

  1. - your name,
  2. - telephone number,
  3. - e-mail address,
  4. - a message.

The data you enter here is used to answer questions asked in the 'message' field.

The data you enter in this form is kept by us for a limited time. In case of follow-up questions, we can easily access this data while it is still in our system. We can also use the questions and answers to train our staff to improve handling your questions.


The De Koff B.V. webshop makes use of Google Analytics. We use this tool to collect anonymous, analytical data from our webshop visitors. We use these webshop statistics to learn from our webshop visitors and adjust our products and services accordingly. The data we collect is anonymous, we cannot use the information to find out who the persons behind the data are.

The collected information is stored on Google data centers. Locations of the data centers: About the processing of this data, we have made agreements with Google through a processing agreement. Google does not have permission to use this data for other applications. More about Google's privacy policy can be found here.


On the webshop of De Koff B.V. you can order products. To be able to order products, you first must register as a customer. In this registration process you will be asked to enter some personal data, like:

  1. - first and last name of the contact person,
  2. - telephone number,
  3. - e-mail address.

We ask for your information to be able to contact you regarding the order. In addition, based on the contact person, we know to whom we may address an order. We use the e-mail address that you enter to keep you informed of the progress of your order. You will receive an order confirmation and shipping confirmation.

We do not use your e-mail address to send you unsolicited promotions. The phone number we need to contact you if data is missing or if there is something special going on with your order. For example, when a product is not available.


We only provide your personal data to third parties (companies or institutions) if required to do so by law. For example, when the police require this in case of a suspected crime. De Koff B.V. works together with sub processors, e.g., our website manager and shipping partner(s). The partners we work with may have access to your personal data or that of your customers. Working together with these sub processors is essential for De Koff B.V. in our services. To ensure that these sub processors handle the data correctly, De Koff B.V. has concluded so-called processing agreements with our suppliers.

Our website also contains links to social media pages. If you click on these links, these social media providers may collect personal data. This statement applies only to We cannot guarantee that other parties will handle your personal data accurately.


Would you like to know anything about the personal data we have collected from you? Please contact us. The contact details are listed under point 2 of this privacy policy. About your personal data, you may always ask us for:

  1. - access to the exact personal data we hold about you
  2. - explain what personal data we have about you and what we do with it,
  3. - modify your personal data if it is incorrect,
  4. - remove your personal data if, for example, it is incorrect or out of date.

In addition, you may at any time withdraw your consent to retention and processing of your personal data or object to how we use your personal data.


De Koff B.V. will not keep your personal data any longer than necessary for our services. When this data is no longer necessary, we will delete it.


De Koff B.V. will take measures to protect personal data.

  1. - access to personal data will always be protected by a username and password,
  2. - after receiving the data,
  3. - personal data will be stored on a protected system that is only accessible to employees of De Koff B.V.,
  4. - the personnel of De Koff B.V. will handle personal data confidentially,
  5. - the webshop uses SSL-certificate (secure socket layer),
  6. - de Koff B.V. registers all requests for personal data.


Do you have a complaint about the way De Koff B.V. handles your privacy? Then please contact us first. We will listen to your complaint and deal with it to your satisfaction. If you are of the opinion that we cannot 'work it out' together, you may send a tip to the Dutch Data Protection Authority ( or go to court.

Questions about this privacy policy? Please contact us.